A Kiss of Deception
(Sealed with A Kiss - Book 3)

May 2020 | Crime Thriller/Suspense

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With Laura gone and the devastation of The Margaret Killer behind her, Cassie Seaver returns home to Bennington Hills for a fresh start. She updates her style with a new look. She gets a new job and rents a new apartment. When a man comes to her rescue, she even finds a new love interest. With life returning to normal, she is beginning to believe she can finally move on from her past.

But Cassie isn’t the only one who has returned to Bennington Hills.

As dead bodies start showing up, Cassie’s worst fears have come true. The Margaret Killer is still at work, and this time, the killer is calling her out.

Past collides with present as Cassie fights to put an end to this game, all while knowing she could become the next victim.