Unfortunate Events: 31 Short Stories

Published: September 2017

Genre: Fictional Short Stories

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Blurb: Life is often unpredictable. Many times, bad things happen that no one would ever see coming, not even ourselves. And such is the case for the people in each of these stories. Some will be attacked by vicious animals, while others navigate through wild weather. The rest will find themselves in freak accidents, coming face to face with the supernatural, being a part of something out of this world, and many other situations that can only be described as unfortunate.

With traces of romance, adventure, humor, thrill, and mystery woven in, there is a story for anyone looking for an entertaining read while being short on time. And with just the right blend of horror and tragedy, this collection will leave you dreading the possible.


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Frances’s mind tends to imagine what could be the worst that could happen in many situations. Knowing there were so many out there, she decided to write them out. Some of these stories are obviously not possible, but many could be. She found it fun to speculate what it would look like to have these fears realized.