Before anyone gets any preconceived ideas about the title of this blog, let me throw out these possibilities:

  • It’s not a steamy romance
  • It’s not a horror show

Dark Day Dreams is actually a novel comprised of many short stories by James Hawthorne. What kind of stories? I’m glad you asked! They are some of the most unique, thought-provoking stories out there. Let me tell you more…


In Dark Day Dreams, James Hawthorne creates crazy, imaginative worlds where at times you get a bit of sci-fi, and at other times, completely fantasy. You’ll get a glimpse into his speculative views of a future world OR

his idea of a world we know today being different all because of past events turning out opposite than we know them.


This is what the official book description says:

This is a collection of science fiction, dark fantasy and horror short stories. Some of the scenarios explored include a dream world where heroes battle sleep demons, a future America that’s been radically altered by climate change, a second Civil War fought in the 1970’s, a nonstop parade of mass shootings, a beast who travels to Hollywood to get into show biz and many more.


Now it does say horror in that description, but in all honesty, there’s nothing scary so don’t let that turn you away from checking this book out!


Though some of the stories were just okay, many of the stories were truly unique and made me think of the possibilities! One thing I loved about this collection of short stories is how the author could come up with something so creative (and at times insane) all from real, cold, hard facts. I also love the fact that each chapter was a different story so it was easy to read. If I didn’t have much time, I could just read one and be done. I’m not left hanging in the middle of a story. Because this was overall an excellent read, I rated it 5 stars!!


At $1.99, it’s definitely worth taking a chance on if this is your type of thing. Interested? Click HERE to purchase!


*Please know this is NOT a clean read so use your best discretion as to whether this would be right for you.*

I was given a free copy of this book. The above is my honest review.


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