What’s your favorite genre? Romance? Mystery? Fantasy? Historical? Something else?


Well, guess what?




Why? Because the Black Friday Book Sale includes all of these genres and more!


What is the Black Friday Book Sale? I’m glad you asked. It’s a sale filled with clean, indie books priced at $0.99 or less! It goes on this Black Friday and lasts through Cyber Monday. Finally, a book sale where you can get all the books you want without breaking the bank.


To check out this sale, please head to:


Black Friday Book Sale – clean // indie // multi-genre (perrykirkpatrick.com)


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Trying samples can be fun AND educational! Who doesn’t like to sample fudge, cake, or anything like that? Not only does it taste good, but it helps you make an informed decision on what to buy. 


This event is JUST like that, minus the eating part. With the Book Sample-Palooza you can sample any or all of the books included so you know if you want to actually purchase them or not. With Christmas just around the corner, this is the perfect event to take part in. You can use your samples to figure out what Christmas gifts to ask for or give!


Book Sample-Palooza is going on now until the middle of December. Please find all details and the book samples at this link:


Book Sample-Palooza! (mybookcave.com)

If you love reading nonfiction books, this event is for you! Now and through to the end of November, the Nonfiction Book Fest is offering free nonfiction reads. Each book listed is a different topic, so there is literally something for everyone! A sample of my book, What to Expect When You’re Not Expecting: Navigating Infertility, is also included.


To check it out, please visit: https://mybookcave.com/g/0d5ef170/


You can help spread the word of this event by sharing this post or by sharing the website link with all your family, friends, acquaintances, co-workers – well, pretty much everyone! Happy reading!