Thanksgiving was a great day – for me at least. It was filled with family, rest and way too much good food. I’m pretty sure I had so much dessert that my waistline grew at least two inches.

As stated before, there is so much that I’m thankful for, and hopefully I’ll remain more thankful each and every day. In this post I wanted to share one of the best highlights from Thanksgiving with you all – something I’m thankful I witnessed. Continue reading “A Reflection”

In honor of writing my first novel, I thought it would be neat to share first novels from fabulous authors I’m getting to know! Every first book could use some loving 🙂  These books/authors are in no particular order, and span different prices and genres. At the very end I will list my book again as well!

So please give this list a look through. I have the title, author, small blurb and where to buy displayed. And, as always, I appreciate you taking the time to view these! Continue reading “Author Firsts”


This is probably one of the best desserts that I’ve had in a really long time! And the quicker is, I am not a fan of ice cream desserts! I usually find them tough as a rock and not very flavorful. I’d much rather eat a bowl of ice cream than have an ice cream dessert.

But this one breaks the mold. Continue reading “Too Good Not To Share”

Let’s pause for just a minute and take a look at this beautiful creature. This is our cat, Rusty. Sometimes I call him Rusty Pants or Rusty Panters (don’t ask why because I won’t be able to give a reason).

Rusty was adopted from the local humane society eight years ago with his brother Ringo (RIP, Ringo!). Both cats were seven years old when we go them, making Rusty 15 years old!

He has such a wonderful Continue reading “Rusty”