I have a series I want to eventually write where all four novels are going to be psychological thrillers, and what better way to learn about this genre than read books in this genre! When searching for some popular stories, I came across The Last Safe Place by Ninie Hammon.




 -The Last Safe Place: A Psychological Thriller is a clean, standalone novel

-As of January 14, 2017, it has 924 reviews with an average 4.4 stars!

-It is 325 pages long so took quite a while to read

-It’s #2 in Inspirational Literature & Fiction

-It’s #3 in Religious Contemporary Fiction

-I’d say it’s safe for anyone 18 and older (maybe mature 16 year olds and up), and this is only because of the violence and disturbing image descriptions

-It’s FREE! 




Author, Gabriella Carmichael, finds herself getting caught up in a horror movie; one that she wrote herself. In her novel, Beast of Babylon, Gabriella creates a fictional world where

a man is the beast who needs to sacrifice the son of his bride to be. It’s a paranormal mystery of demons where Yesheb al Tobbanoft feels is his biography. He’s wealthy, good looking and completely insane. He believes he is the beast and Gabriella is the bride. All he has to do is sacrifice Gabriella’s son, Ty, and all will be made right.


The novel showcases Gabriella and Ty running off to a mountain where Gabriella firmly believes her and her son will be kept safe. This is where a good majority of the novel takes place. But by the time a full moon arrives, Yesheb has found them and they battle for their lives.


Who wins? Yesheb, by killing Ty and getting Gabriella as his bride? Or will Gabriella and Ty, all because of what the mountain has to offer?




I believe that Ninie Hammon did a great job describing each scene. Everything was very well written. At times I think it was a little overkill with what was added in, but nothing that totally threw the story off. Overall, I actually didn’t find anything that kept me hooked. It was just an okay read; not overly boring, but not a page turner. There was some good psychological aspects, but not a lot of thrill. I did like the geological features this book presented. If you are into rocks, you will also find some fascinating things. I’m giving this book three stars!


If you are interested in The Last Safe Place, you can find it on Amazon here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KUIE7A6



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