If you’re into music and books, I may have something you’d be interested in reading. It’s called 2000 Tunes by Karl Drinkwater, and, well, it features a main male character who lives for music. Though it speaks of music of the late 80s through the 90s, I actually knew some of the references! That was kind of neat.

Let me tell you more about this book by, first, giving you the book’s blurb; and then second, my review:


2000 TUNES


“He started to sketch a face. A random face. With dark eyes and hair. Just any old face. He made the chin too small and drew over it, but then it looked like a double chin. That wasn’t appropriate for… Ah. He had been drawing Sam.”

Mark Hopton’s an outsider obsessed with Manchester music. He knows the dates, facts, band members, lyrics, histories and places. He can join them in complicated webs of association because he knows the secret: everything’s connected. Music’s his escape into a better world.

Oh man, he needs that escape. His dad’s in prison, his psycho brother’s only one step away, and they’re twisting his melons trying to make him risk his freedom by smuggling drugs. It ain’t easy saying no when family and their shady contacts can be bone-breakingly persuasive. Heaven knows he’s miserable now.

The summer sun does bring one ray of light: he secretly admires Samantha, a beautiful Welsh girl at work. Watching her is like listening to music, it strengthens him, she’s his wonderwall of true faith. He’s happy with that. Love is fool’s gold.

Meanwhile, Samantha’s been caught up in a hedonistic lifestyle of cigarettes and alcohol with the 24 hour party people but now she’s had it up to here with Mancunians. Cheaters, weirdos and two-faced scummers, the lot of ’em. When the drugs don’t work it’s time to grow up but no-one’s going to take her for granted again. Don’t look back in anger? Screw that. She’s never been one to walk away.

2000 Tunes is a meditation on life, family, friends, growing up, and following your dreams.


My Review


Like I briefly mentioned already, there are a lot of musical references, which is what got me interested in this book in the first place. Music is something I can relate to and is something that moves me so I was curious how music would play out in this novel.

Some plusses include great detail on the characters, scenes, and situations. At times I felt like I was right in the movie as I could see literally everything going on. I think it was super cute how the two main characters save each other in different ways, and end up together in the long run. The best part of the book, however, is the fact that the main male character was able to overcome his past and present demons, rid himself of all he knew (family and life), and find the strength to do what’s right.

There are two negatives that I could find. One is that there are a few situations that were very hard to read through. Things that I’m very uncomfortable reading about, and had me come close to stopping the book altogether. Thankfully they were all short lived, but I mention it to warn those who may not even want to go there. We’re talking foul language, drugs, alcohol, sex, et cetera. Normally I don’t read that stuff, and had I known there were some graphic detail on some of it (more than just in passing like I assumed from reading the blurb), I wouldn’t have read it.

The other negative was the length. It’s super long! And that’s all because the author gives out too much detail. Details were nice, but way too much at times. I’m guessing half of the book could be thrown out and the reader would still have a good read.

Having said all of this, I was torn between giving this a three or four star review. I settled on four stars because of the main male character doing the right thing (standing up for what was right, even at the point of risking his life), and of course, for all the music!

If you are interested in reading this book, you can find it on Amazon at:



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