When I first published Growing Up Neighbors, I have to be honest that I didn’t think things through. I kind of self-taught the process and went with what I thought would be just fine. Let’s just say I was naïve when it came to selling books 🙂

Having now been a part of a wonderful, extremely supportive group of authors, I have learned SO much. And that’s an understatement!

Taking into account what I’ve learned, I knew that Growing Up Neighbors needed to be redone a bit. The past few weeks I have been working on just that.

What can you expect?

The inside now has a newer font, a title page, all the correct copyright information, a very lovely About the Author page, etc. It’s no longer just the book inside a cover. It looks way, way more professional. BUT, and I do need to emphasize BUT, the story is the same great story that many have come to love. It just looks better!

On the outside, the cover is completely redone. I originally did a road because, as most know by now, this story is based on my husband and I, and that road was our road! I thought that would be cool! But someone wisely told me that, although I might get it, a reader who knows nothing of the book or my life will question what a road has to do with anything. Good point! I spent time learning how to create covers, and searching for some good pics, etc. I’m very, very happy with the end result.

As of today I have submitted the changes to CreateSpace. They have to review it and I’ll get a copy to make sure it’s ready to go live. Once it does, I think you’ll all be amazed!! I’m so excited about it!!

Thanks for reading and following along on my journey in writing!

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