Thanksgiving was a great day – for me at least. It was filled with family, rest and way too much good food. I’m pretty sure I had so much dessert that my waistline grew at least two inches.

As stated before, there is so much that I’m thankful for, and hopefully I’ll remain more thankful each and every day. In this post I wanted to share one of the best highlights from Thanksgiving with you all – something I’m thankful I witnessed.

Yesterday I had the privilege of going to my brother’s church where he was going to officiate the service and do his very first sermon!  Now, mind you, knowing exactly how he grew up and knowing the type of things he believes and the way his church conducts its services (NONE THAT ARE BAD BY THE WAY!!!), I had some preconceived ideas about how it would go. Of course I was going to go to support my brother, but in the back of my mind I have to admit I probably judged a few things before giving anything a chance.

Let me just tell you that I was BLOWN AWAY by the whole affair. My brother (though I’m sure nervous), did not stutter. He didn’t lose his place. He wasn’t too quiet or too loud. He didn’t speak too fast or too slow. He didn’t ramble on and on and on. He was direct and to the point. He had some funny remarks. He had serious remarks (obviously being church and all). Overall he was phenomenal. (And the fact that the service was under an hour is pretty cool).

What was the sermon all about? Being thankful. His passage was on Job, and for those of you familiar with Job, you might wonder how in the world can you do a Thanksgiving sermon on Job. After all, this man lost everything he had.

But that’s the point! He lost everything he had, and he had A LOT, and yet he didn’t curse God or deny God. Instead, he knew without a doubt that God was the one who gave and God is the one who can take. But in the end, the Lord’s name is to be blessed.

This can be hard to hear. We’re thankful when everything goes our way and yes we praise God when He gives. But what about when He takes? Yes, sometimes God takes. It sucks, BUT God is still God and He is the one that is the true source of all our thanksgiving.

Anyway, I just wanted to say how proud I am of my brother for doing such a great job on his first sermon. Hopefully he will be able to have the opportunity to further his skills in more services in the future. The more experience he gets the better he’ll get, and if he was already good…watch out world!

Thanks, as always, for reading! May you have a great, fun, safe Black Friday!

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