Here’s a synopsis of sorts from my debut novel, Growing Up Neighbors! But, no, the ending will not be found here. That you’ll have to find out when you read the story.

The journey begins in the Harrington home where a young Deborah is staring out her upstairs bedroom window, nosily watching the new neighbors move in across the street. Wanting to get a closer look, she suggests to her younger sister, Robyn, that they should race their bikes around the house, a favorite of both girls. After a few rounds around the house, however, Deborah’s curiosity peaks and she decides to watch the neighbors carefully, believing no one would notice. Whoops! One of the neighbor boys catches her stare and sends a wave, mortifying Deborah.

Nicholas Michaels was that young boy. He is angry with his mom for making this move, nervous about all the new things going on in his life and now confused as to why this young girl wasn’t polite enough to wave back. All she did was disappear back around her home. Trying not to dwell on it, Nicholas keeps moving along, unpacking the family’s vehicle.

A short time later the two families officially meet. With all the introductions and confessions out of the way, Deborah and Nicholas end up having a lot of fun and becoming the best of friends. As the book moves along, both families, specifically Deborah and Nicholas, experience the many ups and downs in the road they call life.

One event that shook Deborah’s world was the announcement of her parents’ divorce. The only person she knew to turn to was Nicholas. Part of why Nicholas had to move in the first place was because his parents had gotten a divorce; a move now glad that he had to make. Nicholas lends an ear, offers a distraction of air hockey and gives a hug. The two children have a unique bond, one where they could always rely on one another and never keep secrets.

Into the teenage years they arrive and the friendships grow even stronger. Jealousies start to arise over events that happen in each other’s lives like when Deborah invited her sleazy boyfriend over to her sixteenth birthday party or when Deborah finds out about certain girls in Nicholas’ life that he never mentioned. No matter what anyone else says or notices, however, neither one of them view the other as more than a friend at this point.

The night of Deborah’s high school graduation was the turning point. Angry that Nicholas hadn’t bothered to show up when he said that he would, she comes to the realization that things just aren’t what they used to be and that it was time she moved on with her life as well. But later that night Deborah received the news that Nicholas had been in a terrible accident. There are no words to describe the myriad of feelings that Deborah was experiencing. As she raced to the hospital the next morning, she thinks about losing him and what on earth would she do if she had. Throughout the whole hospital stay, Deborah remained faithful in visiting him. It was then, with a little help from her older brother, Alex, that she realized she actually loved Nicholas. This was a secret, however, that she kept only to herself.

Nicholas couldn’t stand Deborah seeing him in the shape he was in. The best way to solve that “problem” would be to drive her away so he does just that. Deborah, crushed, lets him have his way until her brother calls on her to help take him home. Hesitating at first, she eventually gives in. On their drive home Nicholas tries to make amends, but as soon as Deborah begins talking about taking a year off from college to help take care of him, he loses it again. He flat out tells her he won’t let her; he’ll deny seeing her if that’s what it would take. Deborah storms out of his home, having a hard time believing he would treat her this way.

The big day arrives for Deborah to leave for college. With encouragement from her best friend, she decides to say goodbye to Nicholas. He talks her into staying for a little while, hoping they could catch up and leave on good terms, which he feels they do. Deborah, however, didn’t feel the same way and vows to move on with her life, hoping to never see Nicholas again.

As the first year of college comes to a close, Deborah has successfully managed to not talk to or see Nicholas, though he had tried a couple of times. She tried to continue that trend, but then Nicholas unexpectedly stops by. After they have a heart-to-heart conversation, the two end things with a planned date. However, due to many circumstances beyond Nicholas’ control, he doesn’t show up, leaving Deborah in tears. She can’t believe how much she still loves him and how bad it hurts that he was treating her as if their life-long friendship didn’t matter.

Upset he missed the date, Nicholas rushes to Deborah’s house. As soon as she sees her tear-stained face from the pain he caused, he knew right then and there that he never wanted to hurt her again. He didn’t want to live without her and that she was everything he ever wanted. Not wasting another minute, he pulls her in close and passionately kisses her, taking her by surprise.

Where does the journey go from here? Does Deborah forgive him? Or has Deborah had enough and it’s too late for Nicholas? Will they end up together? Or will they part ways?

You can find out by reading the full story, available on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle. Just go to this link:

Thank you for reading!

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