As an indie author, you do all your own promotions. Setting the price of your books at the right places can make or break you! Occasionally, sales need to take place too so there is a lot of things to think about and consider.

When I first published Growing Up Neighbors, it was recommended to start at $2.99, which I did. And it worked well! However, being that it’s been out for a while, I figured it’d be nice to drop the price a bit temporarily. Right now I have Growing Up Neighbors marked down to $0.99 for the kindle version.

With that said, I have been looking through various sites to help promote my promotion. I’ve used Bknights on fiverr, which was amazing. I loved working with him.

Today I was made aware that my book is on the FRONT PAGE of! SAY WHAT??!?!?!?! FRONT PAGE, PEOPLE!!!! I’m excited about that 🙂

Just yesterday I used Psymon H from fiverr to do some promoting, which they wonderfully executed. They made a page specifically for my book even. It can be found here:

In the coming days/weeks there will be more sites promoting my work AND there will be a mid-winter sale going on with a lot of clean reads. Make sure to check back here so you don’t miss out!

Thanks for your support, and as always, for reading this post!!


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