I was actually going to write a post on the upcoming Superbowl 50, and then completely forgot. Now, two days after the big game, I’m going to share my thoughts anyway. And as a disclaimer, I am not a professional football statistician and do not follow it enough to really have a major claim to make. What I’m about to share is personal opinion only based on my very little knowledge of this sport.

First, and foremost, I want to get out of the way that I am most grateful that one team did NOT make it to the Superbowl. I have some favorite teams and then I have teams that I really don’t care either way if they go far or not. But I have one team that I absolutely do not want to win. Want to know which team? The New England Patriots. I don’t care if Tom Brady is from Michigan like I am. I do not like him, their coach nor the rest of the team. When they lost to the Broncos, I was doing my happy dance.

Secondly, both teams that did make it into the Superbowl had good reasons to be there. The Panthers were almost undefeated, and in my opinion, a team like that deserves to make it to the end. Then of course the Denver Broncos have, again, in my opinion, the best quarterback there is. I don’t think enough can be said of Peyton Manning. He has a great respect for the sport and is just a great player. I see him reviewing his plays and learning from his mistakes while he’s on the bench, and someone like that will of course help their team make it far. And being close to retiring (or maybe he’ll retire now), I’m glad he got that chance to be in the Superbowl again.

So the Panthers and the Broncos were the teams to make it, and I thought there could not have been a better match up. It made for a great game to watch too. I love how both defenses worked their tails off. Even though I love the Broncos and Peyton Manning, and would love for them to win, I went into watching Superbowl 50 not really caring because both teams are/were great.

But I am glad the Broncos did win! And this might be a shocker to some, but I am also glad Peyton Manning did not win the MVP. He’s great and all that, but he didn’t have the best game Sunday night. It was definitely because of their defense that they won, and therefore, it only makes sense that a member of the defense won it.

What a great show though! I had a great time watching it with some awesome people and not-so-good-for-you, but oh-so-yummy food! I think I’ll make it a yearly tradition to have a party at my house.

Unless the Patriots go. Then I might have to forfeit watching the whole thing.

Thanks for reading!

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