This is probably one of the best desserts that I’ve had in a really long time! And the quicker is, I am not a fan of ice cream desserts! I usually find them tough as a rock and not very flavorful. I’d much rather eat a bowl of ice cream than have an ice cream dessert.

But this one breaks the mold. I got the basic idea from a friend, and then tweaked it to what I felt would be yummy in my tummy. And it was!

So I thought I would share the basic recipe so that you could run away with it and make it your own!

-23 regular size ice cream sandwiches (will need more or less depending on size)
-2 whip cream containers (8 oz. each)
-Ice cream toppings/candy of choice

In a 9×13″ dish, layer half of the ice cream sandwiches (you’ll need to cut some up so you can cover the whole bottom of the dish). Layer on one container of whip cream. Then place whatever toppings you want. REPEAT. Make sure to keep in freezer until about 15/20 minutes before you’re ready to serve.

To get what I made, I chose dark chocolate and peanut butter sauce to go on top of the whip cream, and then added Reese’s pieces and Reese’s peanut butter cups. Yes, I am a chocolate and peanut butter fan!

This dessert wasn’t too rich (in my opinion), wasn’t tough to eat, wasn’t terribly messy, and most importantly, was a HUGE hit!!

Now it’s your turn to get creative! Make this dessert your own, and share the results!!

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