Starting Wednesday, May 4, I am participating in a HUGE sale with other clean indie authors. It is going to be called May the Flinch-Free Fiction Be With You Sale. That’s quite a name, I know, but ties in with the whole May the 4th Be With You, something Star Wars fans appreciate.

This sale will run May 4 through May 6, and will include tons of choices from various authors. All genres are represented, and there will be something for all ages as well. The nice thing about this sale is that every single listing will be CLEAN! You will not want to miss this sale!

Both Growing Up Neighbors and Next Door Neighbors are included. The only thing about my novels, however, is that they aren’t on sale until May 5, BUT they will be on sale until May 11!!! Just $0.99!!

More details to come! I’ll post the site and other important info come May 4!!! So keep your eyes open for it!!

Also, to create some hype, there is a thunderclap campaign created. If you want to help in this – really nothing you have to do but sign up to “support” – here’s the link:

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