I can’t tell you how many times I misspell the word “exercise” – even when typing in this title, I tend to put a “C” after the “X”. It’s horrible!


Anyway, this is not what the article is about so let’s just move on.


My husband, Jeremy, is part of this men’s group at our church where they get together at least once a month, discuss a book they were required to read, share their memory work, and encourage one another to grow spiritually. This past month Jeremy had to read “See Yourself As God Sees You” by Josh McDowell. He really enjoyed it, and highly recommends it by the way. I know I’ll be reading that in the near future.


Part of the “homework” that went along with this book was he had to make a list of 10 ways he sees himself and 10 ways he feels God sees him. Then came my part. I had to review the lists and see where I agree or disagree, as well as help him figure out ways in which he can always see himself as God sees him. I thought that was a pretty cool exercise! I even went on to make my own list of 10 ways I see Jeremy.


This got me curious. What would my list look like? How did I think Jeremy viewed me? So I asked him if he would be willing to do the same for me as I just did for him. He was totally for it! So without further ado…here is my list of 10 ways I see myself and 10 ways I feel God sees me:



If you can’t read the list – it says:

Me – dedicated, bossy, encourager, caring, knit-picky, obsessive, hard-working, lazy, loving, giving

God – beautiful, lukewarm, giving, patient, loving, daughter, special, encourager, help-meet, forgiven

Now I know not all of these are great, but it would be prideful to think I’m only awesome. Besides, I KNOW I have many faults.


Now it was Jeremy’s turn to review the list and come up with his own 10 words. I was a little nervous to think about all the things he would come up with. I mean, I know he loves me and what not, but he also knows my faults, lol!


Here’s his list:

His list reads: loving, beautiful, funny, giver, good listener, smart, caring, jealous, not always time considerate, counselor


Overall, not a bad list. I agree with him about the jealousness and unpunctual-ness. I didn’t agree on funny, counselor or beautiful part, though, but that’s okay.


After reviewing and discussing these lists, he then leaned over and said, “Despite all that, I still love you,” and then gave a sweet kiss. AWWW!!!!! Lol!


Anyway, I thought this little exercise was refreshing and very interesting. I think it would be good for all couples to go through it. Just remember to be honest, open, understanding, and please don’t get offensive. It truly is neat to see how the special one in your life sees you! I mean, you just might be surprised with what they come up with!

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