I saw a writing challenge worksheet that listed various topics someone could write about, and after perusing some of the options available, I saw one on your earliest memory. Thinking that’s unique, I decided it would be a good idea to share mine! When you’re done reading, I’d love for you to submit yours!!

So I’m not sure what my very earliest memory is, but there are four that stand out. I would say I was maybe four years old or so, but I could be way off on that, lol.


#1. I was standing in the kitchen and I remember my mom coming in. She had either asked me a question or said something that I felt worth responding to. The only problem was that as I opened my mouth to speak, my voice was completely gone. I think I might have been slightly sick, but really I don’t remember that part. I just remember my voice not being there anymore. My parents ended up bringing me to the hospital where I was diagnosed with croup. Apparently back then it was serious enough to keep me in the hospital because I know I was there at least one night. While there, a nurse literally jammed (not gently poked) a needle into my upper right arm. It hurt like crazy! (And that’s an understatement.) The nice thing about this memory is that my grandma and grandpa DeJonge gave me a stuffed teddy bear that I ended up keeping for an extremely long time.

#2. The chickenpox! The crazy thing about this disease is that my brother, sister and I all ended up getting it at the same time (to be expected), making it a very interesting time in my life for sure. I do believe my brother got it from someone in school, and then he was so kind to pass it on to my sister and me. Sigh…no fun. Beyond all of us having it at the same time, I fortunately do not remember the itching, scratching, etc.

#3. Here’s yet another medical issue I remember. While I was in the bathroom, I suddenly fainted. I’ve often heard people don’t remember what happens right before or during a fainting spell, but I remember everything very clearly. I was by the counter looking at hair ties and then fainted. My mom was right there and I remember her getting me up. She blames the medicine I had recently taken as the culprit for passing out, but who knows.

#4. Then I have my first saddest memory. My family and I were sitting on the couch watching TV. Our cat at the time, Morris, was sitting on my lap and I pet it gently. When it was time to get up, the cat wouldn’t move. He literally died right on my lap! I was freaked out, yes, but more so heartbroken. Morris was our only cat, and he was such a good one. We think he had a heart attack or something – and, NO, I didn’t kill him.


There you have it! Some of my very earliest memories. Now it’s your turn. Please feel free to share what your earliest memory is holding on to! As always, thanks for reading 🙂

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