Every May we have a festival that takes place called Tulip Time. It’s a week-long event filled with a carnival, junk food vendors, parades, shows, fireworks, Dutch dancing, and you guessed it, tulips!

There is a lot to do, and tourists flock to every single bit of it.

Now it’s true that, being a citizen of my city, I don’t always see what the big deal is around this celebration of Dutch history. I think that can be true for anyone who lives somewhere that hosts big events. It’s nothing special. However, having said that, this doesn’t mean I hide myself in the house as everything is happening. Far from it actually!

This year, my family and I kicked off Tulip Time by running in Tread! My boys ran a 1k race, raising over $700 to help support children in various countries. This was their first race, but they did well, and finished. They were also excited to learn they raised as much as they did to help others.

We also went to the carnival. We try to do that every year. The only sad thing is that every year the tickets get more and more expensive. Each ride requires at least 3 tickets, and, well, that means my kids only did four rides. Oh, well! They had fun, and there will be plenty of opportunity for them to ride more rides in their lifetime. Here are some pics of some of the rides they went on, including an Indiana Jones-type obstacle course (they even play the theme song!):

As you can see, there’s a bridge, huge slide, and so much more!

And no Tulip Time would be complete without taking one night to eat some food from the vendors!

That Mexican one right there in the middle is my favorite. That’s where my son and I chose to get some tacos and nachos. YUMMY! But this street is full of different vendors offering burgers, pulled pork, pizza, gyros, tacos, fajitas, hot dogs, and so much more. There is definitely something for everyone! Perhaps the only thing that might make it better is if there was a Chinese vendor.


My personal favorite is topping one with fudge and Bavarian cream. Tastes just like a donut!

We did none of the shows or tours because they either cost too much or just take us places we literally go all the time (we live here remember?!). We did none of the parades, mostly because they happen at the wrong time, but some of it is because I’m not a huge fan of them anyway. We did watch the fireworks, which were great!

Overall, another great Tulip Time is in the books. The tulips actually ended up looking phenomenal to boot! I know some years they have already died or haven’t blossomed. In Michigan, you just never know!

What festivities does your home town offer? Do you partake?

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