The middle of the week is usually a busy one for me. Wednesday is the day that some bloggers invite others to post about their books. There are two that I try to comment on each week.

The first is Welcome Wednesdays by James DiBenedetto. Each week he asks a question or gives a topic that authors are encouraged to share a response to. One week it was about music within our writing; another week it was about foreign language. Just today he gave the topic of plots and endings in our books.

If you’d like to see my response, please visit:


Another blog I try to actively participate in is Wordy Wednesdays by Heather Gray. This one is simple. All the authors do is share a family-friendly excerpt from one of their books (500 pages or less). Each week I put up a blurb on Growing Up Neighbors.

If you’d like to see my response, please visit:


Both blogs are great for readers and writers alike. Writers get a chance to get their work out to the public, and readers get the chance to find something new!

I highly encourage you to visit both of these blogs. Get to know the creator as well – both are great people!

Thanks for reading!

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