So tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. For many people, it’s a time to show the one we love just how much we love them. We gift them with chocolate, jewelry and flowers. Perhaps we eat out at a fancy restaurant or do some other “sweetheart” type event. It can be fun. However, I don’t think any one of us needs a day on the calendar to tell us it’s time to do something with/for/to our loved one. Every day should be the day we choose love. Every day we need to show just how much we care for the ones in our lives that make life worth living.

I know many people who boycott this holiday because of the reasoning I just stated OR because they feel it is just a hallmark holiday – a way for certain companies to make more money.

Do you celebrate? What for?

I do celebrate Valentine’s Day. Not because I need this day to be a little extra loving, BUT because I love to celebrate things. Any excuse to go out and do something is good enough for me! I just love celebrating. AND I don’t just celebrate with my spouse…I also celebrate this holiday with my children. We don’t do anything too crazy or spend too much money either. We just have fun!

But seeing as the root of Valentine’s Day is love, let me share a couple of things with you that I just love.

First of all, I love that the Creator of all things LOVES us beyond what we can fathom AND He created love itself. Many of you have perhaps seen this, but I’ll share it here in case you haven’t. I love this! (From John 3:16):

For God so loVed the world
that He gAve
His onLy
thaT whosever
believeth In Him
should Not perish
but have evErlasting life.

It’s supposed to say VALENTINE, but I may not have formatted this right to get it to show up that way. You get the point though!

Secondly, I love that my new and improved novel, Growing Up Neighbors, is available to you on kindle for only $0.99!!! If you love the concept of love, reading about love or just want a really good read this Valentine’s Day then THIS IS FOR YOU!!! This price is only good for the week so make sure to grab your copy!


Have a lovely weekend!

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