zambia-26947_1280 At 12:45 pm today, Wednesday, February 17, 2016, my family and I said good bye to my mom as she took off on her first mission trip to Zambia. She is joined by six other amazing people. For those who have donated or partook in the various fundraisers, they couldn’t be more grateful! Now we ask that you PRAY!

As one might expect, there are a lot of mixed feelings that go along with this trip. I can’t speak for my mom, although I’m sure she’s feeling a lot of these herself. But here is a list of some of the things I’m at least feeling (and I’m not even going)!

  1. Shocked. Last September was when I first found out that my mom was interested in going to Zambia. It was really hard to believe at first. She’s a private person, not one to really reach out to others. She’s never done anything like this before either so it just shocked me to hear she was looking into going on this mission trip. It also shocks me that she stuck to it AND that today she actually left.
  2. Proud. This is a big understatement, but I really don’t know how to express otherwise. The fact my mom is going to a third-world country where it’s going to be hot, with six other people she doesn’t know too well, is something to be proud of. Most importantly, I’m proud of her for going out of her comfort zone, and that she is putting herself second. What I mean by that is God comes first. His work comes first. She is going to Zambia to help advance the kingdom of Jesus. Beyond proud is what I am feeling!
  3. Excited. What I mean by feeling excited is that my mom is going to have the opportunity to experience some really awesome things. It’s exciting! I’m also excited that she is going to have the opportunity to fulfill some childhood dreams through this trip. When she signed up, she never knew the exact details. She just knew she’d be helping NOAH Ministries in Zambia. Now she knows she gets to go on a safari and stay the night in New York. She’s having dreams come true, all while fulfilling what God wants her to do! Again, it’s exciting!
  4. Sad. Let me give you a back story. About two weeks ago, my mom had my brother and I over to go over some of her affairs. She wanted to make sure she had all her ducks in a row in case something should happen to her. It was sad! No one wants to hear their parent talk about their funeral and what needs to happen with this and the next thing. It’s good that she’s prepared, but it made me sad.
  5. Worried. Along with sad, it made me worry. I started thinking about if something should happen to her. She could get sick. Accidents happen. There are so many things that could occur that of course I’m worried. The biggest worry is that I’ll never get to see her again. I’m a worrier by nature too so this just adds more to the other million things I worry about.
  6. Hopeful. Having said all that, though, I remain hopeful. I’m hopeful that God will protect, guide, and after ten days, bring my mom back. I know He is in control of all things, and that He will be with this team all the way until the end.
  7. Expectant. This team is going to help NOAH Ministries in many ways. Their main job while in Zambia will be to minister to precious little children. I’m expecting the team to not only be great at what tasks they are called to do, but I’m expecting them to be effective. Children will learn about how great God is, and they’ll be able to see it in each of the members going on this mission trip. I’m expecting God to do great things in the lives of the seven people going to Zambia, as well as in the lives of those they reach along the way. I’m expecting lives to be forever changed.
  8. Convicted. When I think about this mission trip, and the fact that my mom is of the people going, it convicts me. What am I do to advance God’s kingdom today? It doesn’t have to be a trip to the other side of the world. What am I doing right where I’m at? And I’m not saying I have to do something to be saved or anything like that. But what I am saying is that I want to do what God calls me to do. Am I listening?
  9. Thankful. I’m so thankful for the support my mom, and the rest of the team, have gotten. So many people have donated to this trip, as well as many people have participated in the fundraisers they set up. I’m thankful for the businesses that participated as well. I’m also thankful we have opportunities like this through our church, and that our church is willing to be Jesus’ hands and feet. I’m also thankful that my mom heard this call on her life and obeyed. She’s setting such a great example for me and my children, as well as many others.
  10. Prayerful. In this season now of waiting  ten days to hear how everything went and to see my mom again, I’m going to pray. Please join me! Let’s pray for safety, health, wisdom, guidance, protection, etc. Let’s pray that hearts and lives are changed, that God is the one that receives all the glory throughout this whole trip AND that everyone who passes these seven, whether at the airport, on the road, at NOAH Ministries or wherever they set foot, will see they are different. They are on a mission to reach the least of these. They are bringing God’s kingdom a little closer to earth.

Thank you, friends, for reading! God bless!

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