Okay. So I’ve actually been back from my trip to Louisiana since Monday night BUT it took me this long to finally get back to some personal hobbies of mine (blogging being one of them). I can’t say enough about my vacation! I’m glad I got the chance to go because it was my first long-distance road trip in over 5 years, I learned and saw some new things, got tons of work done, and most importantly, I got to visit with my dad.

One thing I learned is that when you travel with young kids, you won’t have things the way you necessarily want them all the time. Do I want to watch the same movie over and over and over again? No. Is my ideal time in the van handing my kids one thing after another because they can’t make up their mind? Absolutely not. But in the long scheme of things, it kept them happy and the road trip more enjoyable. So I suggest to you, if you find yourself going on a long car ride, to be prepared with things for the kids to do!

Another thing I learned, and this is going to seem really silly to some of you, is that I have a whole family down there! Let me help you understand. Yes, I know my dad is there. Yes, my dad is family. Yes, I knew my dad got married. But this trip made me realize that with my dad in Louisiana, and having married a wonderful woman by the way, that all her family is now technically my family. One of the days we spent down there was a huge family shindig. Her two daughters were able to make it, along with their children. They were so lovely to meet! Both girls were nice. All the children got along so well!! I just never realized that I now have two more sisters, two more brothers-in-law AND I have two nephews!!! What a gift!

Like I briefly mentioned before, I did get a lot of work done even though I spent a lot of time catering to my two boys sitting in front of me. What work you ask? Why, my next novel! And guess what? I have my third novel completely laid out the way I want it. I just have to actually write it. Book 3 in my Neighbors series is hopefully ready by end of 2016! I’m super excited about this, and can’t wait to get it into my readers’ hands!

Now in regards to the present, I’ve got some cool deals up my sleeve for the near future. There’s an important day coming up, one which I get to celebrate, that deserves putting a deal on my two books. Please stay tuned to find out more!

I loved Louisiana, but it’s good to be back home and in the swing of things, too. Thank you so much for reading/following along.

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