This past Saturday my husband and I decided to take our two young boys to a movie rental place because I had gotten a coupon for a free rental. We intended on just getting the one rental, because let’s face it, it’s not like our boys really watch movies anyway. However, we ended up walking out the door with five (!!!!) total movies. But in all fairness, we actually got a really great deal on the five, and four of the five we knew the boys would actually probably be interested in. Just so you know how good of a deal – five movies for five nights for under five dollars. That’s good!

What did we rent? As we walked around the exterior of the place, these were the five that we decided on. War Room, Jurassic World, Lego Star Wars: Droid Tales (or something like that), Pixels and Inside Out.

Lego Star Wars – the boys LOVED (!!!) this movie. They loved it so much we decided to buy it. And no, we don’t do that all the time. I have actually yet to see it because the boys watched it with the hubby while I was out so I can’t say too much on this other than the boys loved it.

Jurassic World – again, I didn’t see this one because I was visiting my aunt, but from what I hear, it was “cool”. Our boys love dinosaurs so no surprise there. However, obviously there was some language that isn’t appropriate. The boys didn’t catch them though thank goodness.

Inside Out – I was not impressed with this one. So many have said some great things about this movie, but I failed to see its awesomeness. It was just okay to me, and ultimately I’m thankful we rented it. This was a movie I wanted to buy for the kids, but decided against it at the time. I’m glad I did! I don’t see the need of having it now. Some of the scenes were cute though, and it’s neat how they portrayed emotions. But just an okay movie overall.

Pixels – This was my favorite rental. It starred Adam Sandler and Kevin James, favorites of mine. It was funny in spots, especially the scenes that had the actor that plays Olaf’s (from Frozen) voice (I’m not sure what the actor’s name is, sorry!). For all the gamers out there, this would be a hit! Basically old-time games such as Packman and Donkey Kong attack the U.S. and in the end we win. I thought it was awesome! The boys liked it a lot so I can see maybe adding this to our DVD collection in the future.

War Room – I think this movie did a great job portraying the power of prayer, but again, I failed to see the big deal about it. Don’t get me wrong, it was good. I did enjoy it. BUT there was so much hype about it that I was expecting more I guess. I do have to admit the one scene where the actress basically tells the devil off was excellent – spot on – something we all need to do!

It’ll probably be a really long time again before we rent movies because we don’t usually rent until I get a freebie. But this past experience was definitely a good one. The boys behaved in the store and actually enjoyed picking out what to watch. Then the movies themselves were decent! I’d say it was great family time!!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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