Today I have some exciting news! As you may or may not know, CreateSpace is one platform an author can use to publish their novels in paperback format. This is the service that I use because they are not only helpful, but they’re free. I think they do a pretty good job, too!

When I uploaded everything for my first novel, Growing Up Neighbors, it went rather quickly. Things were formatted right, and it was in a manner of no time that I was able to order my proof copy, and then publish.

However, for some reason, my next novel took a bit more time. I had everything prepared just the way I liked it, and although the inside is fantabulous, the cover kept needing to be tweaked. So for at least the past week that’s all I’ve been doing. I would tweak it, upload and wait for the review process (24 hours or less). Basically I had one chance a day to get it right.

Today was FINALLY the day! Everything looked great online so I ordered my proof copy. As soon as it gets here, I’m going to check it over really good, make sure the colors are true to what I submitted and then publish!!! My goal is to have Next Door Neighbors published by the end of this week or early next week. Especially since this will be the same time as my Growing Up Neighbors promotion 🙂

So stay tuned, folks! Any time now book number two will finally be available to order, and you’re not going to want to miss it. I feel this one has such a strong message and that the story is a page turner.

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