If you are reading this, that means you have successfully found my new site! Congratulations! I am super glad to have you here, too!


Please allow me to share some things on this site with you. This post is on my Bog page where you will see all my past posts as well as any future posts. I will no longer be using the other WordPress site for my blog. They will all be on my own site here: www.franceshoelsema.com


My new website is a great place to find all my novels in one location. If you go to the Books page, not only will you see an update on my current work in progress, but you will see separate pages for each book that will share valuable information on each.


There is also an About page and a Contact page. If you wish to know more about me, or perhaps you have a question you’re just dying to know the answer to, please check these pages out!


Now I am aware that this website is nothing fancy, but I do believe it will serve its purpose. I do hope that you will enjoy it and find it helpful. I also hope that you’ll stay in touch by subscribing to my blog and/or my newsletter! Both options are available through this website!


Again, WELCOME! Thanks for reading, and hopefully I’ll “see” more of you as we journey together through this new platform!

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