When my husband gets home today, we are going to head out for a very short, yet fun vacation. We are going to a festival that happens only every few years or so, and I think my boys will really love it. It’s not like we need to travel far: just the other side of the state.

Let’s have a little geography lesson. I live in Michigan and so if you put your right hand palm up to you, I live on the left side (the straight side). We are going towards the thumb. Maybe three hours tops away. Lol – I love that I can explain Michigan by looking at a hand.

Anyway, as I prepare for this vacation, I happened to have thought of two past experiences that I hope and pray DO NOT ever happen again. Here they are:


1. I’m not sure how old I was, but I’m thinking ten or twelve years old. We were on our way back from visiting Mackinaw Island. My brother was driving us home as he had his learner’s permit at the time. Well, as we’re going down the highway, it all of the sudden started to pour like crazy! And of course, as luck would have it, there was a car that was PARKED right on the highway. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out where I’m going with this. Yes, we ended up rear ending the car. Thankfully, no one got hurt, including the little baby in the car we hit and including my dad who didn’t wear seat belts at the time.

2. The next situation happened just two years ago. The hubby and I decided to take my mom on a mini vacation because she had helped out so much during the birth of our second son. We just went away a couple of nights close to where we are going on this trip. We stayed in a cabin and it was a really nice place. We loved the location, the amenities and all of that. However, due to a mishap, we really did not like the owner. This is why: one morning we went to use the stove and it wouldn’t turn on. Naturally we called the owner over there and right away she figured out the switch was broken and it was because someone had turned it the wrong way. She literally blamed us, practically called us ‘stupid’ and was just down right mean. We were not treated the way human beings should be treated no matter the circumstances. Crazy thing is that maybe an hour later the stove was working again. When we told the owner, she was just like, “Oh, that’s odd.” No apologies or anything. Who knows, maybe she had a bad morning or something, but still, we will not be going back there.


So as I head out the door later today, I’m hoping there are no accidents and no mean people, lol. All in all, I just want to have fun and stay safe. We love creating memories like this for our children so here’s to some good ones!

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