When my husband gets home today, we are going to head out for a very short, yet fun vacation. We are going to a festival that happens only every few years or so, and I think my boys will really love it. It’s not like we need to travel far: just the other side of the state.

Let’s have a little geography lesson. I live in Michigan and so Continue reading “Worst Vacation Experiences EVER!”

Just this past weekend we were coming home from our yearly snowmobile trip. Seeing as it’s a long ride, we don’t force our boys to wear their coats. The vehicle is warm, and more often than not, our boys complain of getting hot when in the vehicle for a while. Plus, technically coats are not supposed to be worn Continue reading “Concern or Criticism”

SnowJanuary in Michigan would make you think that snow is a given. However, this past season we have seen barely any snow at all. Christmas was green with temps way above freezing. Then as the new year rang in, temps remained above average and precipitation way below average. For me, that was depressing. We had a snowmobile trip planned for the middle of January and it seriously looked like we wouldn’t be going. Continue reading “It’s Finally Snowing!”