Some of you know that my mom is going on a mission trip to Zambia this coming February. She’ll be joined by others from the Engedi Church’s Children’s Ministry Team, and together they will be working with NOAH Ministries to love on, care for and teach children in the orphanage there.

To raise funds, the ministry team put some fundraisers together. One of them was at Orange Leaf, a frozen yogurt chain. 20% of purchases from 1/3-1/9 of those who mentioned the Engedi fundraiser went straight to this mission trip.

My husband and I took our two boys this past Tuesday night, and as always, enjoyed their frozen yogurt. We love all the toppings and options available! What made this night extra special was that we enjoyed what happened after we had finished our treat.

The lady that worked there that night came up to us to ask us about Engedi. Apparently she had gone there once before, but because she had moved on to college/work, she had joined other things. However, that night she felt that she had received a message from God to share with us. What was the message?


Of course the first thing I think of is to multiply (have more children). While that isn’t necessarily far from our minds, I can’t help but wonder if God had other ideas with this message.

Be fruitful means to produce, be productive, flourish. There are millions of ways we could carry this out.

I’m not sure exactly how yet, but I’ve been praying every day since we received this word to know just what God wants from us. I won’t stop until we know 🙂

Please be in prayer with us!

And I want to encourage each of you to be fruitful as well. Be fruitful in everything you put your hands to. Be fruitful.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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