Were you ever bullied as a child? Maybe you were the one being the bully? I know growing up – even in a Christian school – I was verbally bullied and HATED going to school.

Bullying takes all kinds of forms, and can lead to certain children taking drastic measures, even suicide. IT MUST STOP!!!

One way to help is by being more aware and by doing something about the issue when it’s noticed. And guess what? There’s an app for that!

Last night I received an email from a friend about a competition that Verizon was putting on. It’s the Verizon Innovative App Challenge. A group of students from Clear Creek Middle School in Buffalo, Wyoming, created an app called BeatBully. They won Best-in-State and now are going for fan favorite. Many grants are given to the winning school!

If you want to check out the app they created, look at this 30-second video: https://youtu.be/n4P0Jmb2b-I

It’s amazing, and I think it’ll do good. Just earlier today I voted. You can too by texting BEATBULLY2 to 22333. It’s that simple!

Thanks for reading, and voting!!

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