Are you a reader? Do you love to read books, but sometimes have a hard time knowing if it’s going to be a good read or not? Want something that won’t make you flinch because of explicit sex scenes, foul language or extremely graphic violence?

If you’re like me, you prefer something you know will be good, and something that you feel comfortable sharing with others. Yes, I’ve read some books in the past that made me question why I read it in the first place. Reading along, I think to myself, “Ah, I don’t need to see this!” Sometimes you just can’t tell though based on just a cover and back cover blurb, and if you don’t know the author, you just take a chance.

This is why I’m thankful for a group of extremely supportive authors who are a part of a blog/website known as Clean Indie Reads. This site is for readers to look for novels by various indie authors spanning all genres. The best part is that these books are guaranteed to be CLEAN!

So if you are looking for something new to read, check this place out! You can find it at:

Again, they have all genres represented!!! AND these books will be CLEAN – something you’ll feel good about reading. As a side note, my book, Growing Up Neighbors, is listed as well 🙂 You know I had to throw that in there!!! 🙂

Thanks for reading, and happy “shopping” for the next great book!

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