So how exactly did I come up with the idea of my novel, Growing Up Neighbors? It’s simple really…it’s my life story!

Say what? Yes, Growing Up Neighbors is actually the story of my husband and me.

When I was about eight years old, new neighbors began to occupy the house across the street from me. My sister and I were riding our bikes and one of the new neighbor kids was sitting on their lawn across from us, watching. It was a little freaky!

Somewhere down the line we all met one another and both our families got along really well. All of us neighbor kids played all the time!

In high school is where it gets interesting. I was a senior and my husband had already graduated. We still saw each other on occasion though. On one occasion he asked me out! I wasn’t sure how I really felt about him at the time, but I said yes. Unfortunately, not seeing each other often led to just going back to being friends.

Do not fear though! Two tries later we had a serious go of our relationship, and finally the big question was asked (and I of course said yes)! Then on March 25, 2006, we wed. We’ve been together almost 10 years now!!

Now just so you know, the main story line is my story. Many little things that happen in Growing Up Neighbors also is my story or tidbits of my husband’s story. There are also A LOT of things that are completely made up just based on what I thought would flow good.

There you have it! The unique inspiration behind Growing Up Neighbors – it’s basically (sort of) a true story!

If you’d like to read Growing Up Neighbors for yourself and catch a glimpse of the journey it embarks on, please visit:

Thanks, as always, for reading!

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